Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Second (somewhat) negative comment on blog

I have to post my second complaint on my blog. I don't think it's really that bad as I have posted 55 of 56 blog entries that are upbeat and positive. Anyway, you all know how I strive for balance so it is about time to post a second one.

What's up with people and their use of perfumes and colognes? Sometimes I can't even catch my breath 2 minutes after they walk into a room. Listen...if I can smell your sprayed scent from 100 feet away it's really just too much. It's bad enough when it is a rather pleasant smelling fragrance, but some of these are reminiscent of bug spray.

With my illness (Sarcoidosis) I have to endure, it is especially difficult for me when I am near these strong odors as it triggers a painful reaction from my overactive immune system. But, I am sure many people dislike these "fragrance warriors" overuse of the product. I have had a "fragrance warrior" come and sit on my couch during session and had the next two patients after them have difficulties with their allergic reaction to what was left on my furniture!

I have noticed lately this becoming more common in the gyms. I think people are somewhat self conscious about their perspiring when they work out so they take a "bath" with the spray bottle before going to the gym so no one will smell them. Really, really bad idea. Eventually, we smell your perspiration mixed in with your cologne or perfume. It's so much worse than just your sweat. I think it would be better to maybe just take a shower before bed so that in the morning you won't have to worry about this situation.

If you're wondering about your own "warrior" habits maybe cut down and give us a break. It will save you money as well!

My old girlfriend (yes, it's true), told me once that perfume or cologne should be sprayed in the air and then one walks into the mist! I think that the only people that should be able to smell you are those within 2 feet of you. That is MY theory.

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