Tuesday, December 16, 2008

go SPIN!

I have been attending a 50 minute Spin class each Saturday morning at NYSC. For those of you who are unfamiliar with a spin class I will explain exactly what I am speaking of. Classes are conducted with each participant having their own spin bicycle. A spin bike is similar to an upright exercise bike but it has a fly wheel that one needs to pedal. It can be set for a particular resistance with the turn of a knob. The class leader takes participants up hills and jumping maneuvers that mimic actual riding on a course. This is all choreographed to music that sets the mood for wherever the course is taking the participants.

I totally enjoy these classes and in a typical 50 minute session one can burn up to 600 calories! I enjoy using the pulse monitor so I can track how my heart is responding to the cardio workout. I recommend taking a spin class for everyone. One can set the resistance on the spin bikes so that one can make it as easy or as difficult as they prefer the ride to be for them.

So, go spin! You will enjoy the workout and the fun of working out with the others in the room as you spin to exhilarating music! You will feel vibrant and fully alive while improving your health and looking better in your clothing.

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