Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Racer's tip

I have a patient who I have been treating for almost a year now. I have his permission to share this story with you. He was once a professional race car driver. He was telling me that when one is driving at such high speeds around the oval track it is important to keep your eyes on where you want the car to go. He tells me that the car will go in the direction of where one is looking. For example, he said many drivers instinctively look at the embankment of the track when they feel the car losing its stability on the track causing them to wreck into the side of the wall. He tells me that one has to avoid the tendency to look anywhere where one does not want the car to go. I found this so interesting; and quite METAPHORICAL!

There is an old axiom that states that what one fears the most one brings towards them. I wondered if this is similar to what he was explaining to me in regards to high speed driving on a track.

I believe it is also true that when one loses sight of their intention to achieve a goal or to get where they want to be a "wreck" can occur as well. We need to keep our eyes on where we wish to be rather than to lose sight of our true destination and fix our eyes on something that can only cause us harm and destruction.

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