Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Crew, perhaps William, but never Bill.

My grandmother started to call me "Crew" as I wore a crew cut as a young boy growing up in the early 1960's. My given name is William. My father is also William. He was called "Bill". I always hated being called "Bill" or "Billy". William was certainly not a cool name for a kid. So my grandmother invented this nickname for me. It was sort of our special thing.

Most people called me "Billy" growing up and I hated it. My parents called me this as well. When my grandmother died in 1988, I vowed to ALWAYS use this name for myself. It's funny because I can tell how long I know someone by the name they use to refer to me. I always correct people when they call me other than "Crew" now. I tell them I don't use that name any longer. I still use William for important forms and insurances, etc. only because I have to.

When you have a name like "Crew" it can be funny how people make mistakes. I have been called "Drew" so many times I cannot even count. Also, my name has been spelled "Crue", "Cru", "Cruz", and "Creu". Once, in Toronto, I even met someone who had the same name as me!

So, the mystery is now over. Now you all know. Professionally, I use W. Crew Lauterbach, Ph.D., LCSW, CH, LMFT. My patients, clients, and students refer to me affectionately as "Dr. Crew". My friends call me "Crew", and Michael calls me, well sorry, that's private.

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