Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Overtraining Problems

This blog entry is for all of you fellow "gym rats" out there. Overtraining is a big problem when it comes to us. We tend to over train and think we are helping ourselves sometimes when the truth is we are hurting ourselves and actually keeping ourselves from achieving our fitness goals.

Symptoms of over training are: increased number of infections, decreased performance, elevated heart rate and blood lactate levels during exercise, loss of body weight, chronic fatigue, and psychological staleness. The other thing to look for is what fitness trainers call "DOMS". "DOMS" stands for delayed onset muscle soreness. This specifically, is muscle soreness that occurs 12 to 48 hours after training. It IS the indicator that one has over trained. If one has muscle soreness after 48 hours after training one has certainly over trained those particular muscles. One should NEVER have such soreness that it limits functioning after training. My instructor, Dr. Jack Barnathan (of NYStrength, Inc.) used to tell us that one needs to feel a small bit of soreness in the belly of a muscle after training, but never to the point where one is limited in movement in any way.

Training needs to always follow a specific regimen. This includes incorporating sensible, scientific weight training methods based on periodization, varying your training methods, following sensible nutritional practices, using proper lifting form and techniques, getting proper sleep and rest, preparing yourself psychologically for training workouts, and proper stretching forms.

Resting in between sets is paramount as well. There needs to be minimally 40 seconds of rest between sets so that one can allow the ATP to return into the muscle after working it.

Lastly, and this is a big one, no single workout should ever go over 50 minutes unless after 50 minutes you are ingesting high quality carbohydrates (NOT SUGAR!). After 50 minutes, the body no longer burns body fat for fuel , and instead begins to burn glycogen found in the muscles, causing loss of muscle mass. A simple carb source of a banana or an orange can solve this problem.

Oh, one more thing. ONLY train to fatigue, NEVER TO FAILURE.

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