Monday, December 29, 2008

Machines to stay away from at the gym #1

As promised, I am posting my recommendations on which machines to STAY AWAY from when training at your gym. This is the first of 4 warnings!

LEG EXTENSION MACHINE This is the machine where one sits and extends the legs from underneath. This machine rips the knee during the extension phase. My old instructor at NYStrength Institute called this one "Satan's Throne". He claims that this machine causes multiple injuries to the knee including the ACL. If this machine is used regularly it will tear muscle from bone. Yes, it's that serious.

One can safely train the quadriceps by doing squats with proper form using a Swiss ball against a wall. This exercise actually trains the quads more effectively while protecting the knees and corresponding ligaments and tendons. Another effective and safe method of training the quads are to utilize dumbbells or a body bar during the execution of a squat using proper form (knees ALWAYS behind toes).

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