Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Music and its power of persuasion

I am a big fan of music. I find that music often sets a mood for me. I use music in my practice as well as in my waiting room. I 'm a huge fan of modern jazz and New Age music. In my personal life I often listen to Christian Contemporary music finding that it reminds me of how wonderful and joyous life can be as opposed to some of the music that is about some of what I consider the more negative aspects of life. There is plenty of pain and sadness in life as well as enough self involvement. I find that I do not need to hear more about all of that in the music I choose to listen to as I know it affects how I see the world. I really enjoy music and sounds that I can easily meditate with allowing the music to take me another place. Often, it's a place of peace, tranquility and restoration.

Many times I may be caught up with running around, feeling hassled by something, or just remembering painful memories and I can listen to some inspiring or uplifting music and I can immediately notice a modification in my perspective. It helps me to change what it is that I am choosing to concentrate on. Life is beautiful. I do not need to remind myself of how ugly and frightening it can be. When I dwell on sadness I am feeding it and I am actually meditating on it.

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