Monday, December 15, 2008

"Eat the Frog"

An attorney friend of mine was telling me of a story of what he sees as his mantra as he works each day. He tells the story of someone who has many things to do each day, but one of them is to eat a frog sometime during the day. He states, that if the worst thing one has to do all day is to eat a frog EAT IT FIRST so the rest of the day will only get better.

This is basically a paramount truth in psychology called DELAYED GRATIFICATION. The clear message is not to put off things you really dislike to do as they will be hovering over you. Get those most unpleasant things done first. The things you really enjoy the most will be even more enjoyable once you get the hard work done first.

Wise parents teach this concept to their children as soon as a child is old enough to comprehend abstract operational thinking. Do your homework and then you can watch television. Get good grades and you and you can earn a new bike. Work hard and reap the rewards then you can relax. Children learn that they can control what happens to them by delaying gratification and not look to adults or others to have every single one of their their needs met.

Wise adults get the concept as well choosing to delay gratification by working towards the things they desire in their life. They do not look to artificial things to bring gratification instead knowing that good things come to those who have goals they pursue. They can refuse to make decisions based upon emotions and quick fixes.

I try to live by this rule as well. Now, if you will excuse me I have a few amphibians to begin chomping on.

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