Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dickens Festival this weekend in the village

People who do not live in Port Jefferson Village sometimes think we are a bit weird. The annual Dickens Festival kicks off tomorrow. The streets of the village will be full of folks dressed up in 19th century garb using fake British accents. Ebenezer Scrooge will be walking down Main Street with his cane or yelling "Humbug" to the baristas at Starbucks who are too slow for his liking. Mr. and Mrs. Cratchett will be walking about with Tiny Tim hobbling along. Of course, all will enjoy the Christmas Carol next to my office here at Theater Three Playhouse. There will be bands of carolers and magic demonstrations. It's a fun weekend.

I get such a kick by how into this thing people are. I admire their dedication and passion for staying in character and just having some fun with the traditions and holiday atmosphere. This is a funny place to live. Come on down and enjoy the fun.

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