Thursday, October 30, 2014



  1. Don’t base your attitude on how things are.  Choose your attitude so it supports and expresses the way you wish to be.  Frustration and
    stress come from the way you respond and react not the circumstance themselves.  
    Adjust your attitude, and the frustration and stress is gone.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let Go


"Thinking will not overcome fear
 but actions will."

W. Clement Stone


If you feel like others are not treating you with love and respect, check your price tag.  Perhaps you subconsciously marked yourself down. 
 Because it’s YOU who informs others what you’re worth by showing them what you are willing 
to accept for your time and attention.
 So get off the clearance rack.  If you don’t value and respect yourself, wholeheartedly, no one else will either.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014



What Are You Practicing Getting Good At?

Choose to be miserable and you’ll find plenty of reasons to be miserable.
  Choose to be peaceful and you’ll find plenty of reasons to be at peace. 
 Think about it.
  Are you skilled at making yourself miserable?  
With those same skills you can make yourself motivated, effective and fulfilled.  

Friday, October 3, 2014


Fear of Rejection

Has the fear of rejection held you back?  Have you ever been so fearful of what others might think or say about you that it kept you from taking positive action?  I bet you’re shaking your head, “yes.”
It’s time to change your mindset…
Today, the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.  Prove yourself to yourself, not others.  You are GOOD
 enough, SMART enough, FINE enough, and STRONG enough.  You don’t need other people to validate you; you are already valuable.
If someone says “no” to you, or if someone says something negative about you, that does not change anything about YOU.  The words and opinions of others have no real bearing on your worth.  Certainly it can be helpful and desirable to make a good impression in certain situations, yet it’s not the end of the world when you are faced with rejection.
It’s great to receive positive feedback, but it simply does not always happen.  That’s OK though, because you know where you’re headed and you know your true worth does not depend on the judgment of others.  When you set out to make a true difference in life, there will be those who disagree with you, those who ignore you, and those who flat out reject your ideas and efforts.