Friday, December 12, 2008

Lights OUT

Last night Michael and I were watching television unwinding from our work day when suddenly the electricity went out. Instantly, we were in absolute darkness and it was amazing how completely and utterly QUIET the house became. It was eerie, yet I found myself truly enjoying the stillness and darkness. We lit a candle and sat there just enjoying each other's companionship and conversation. It is interesting what one can hear when there is such quiet.

I have had a love affair with the quiet and stillness since I was a young boy. I believe it is a result of growing up in a chaotic home with yelling and screaming all around me. I often went off to find a place to sit alone and listen to the quiet and be comforted by the stillness all around me. I do the same thing now; every chance I get ! I still tend to shy away from places where people speak loudly and it is chaotic all around. In the quiet and stillness there is the opportunity to hear the voice of God or at least the sound of one's own voice. I find the quiet soothing and safe.

Finally, the electric came back on and life was back to normal. But, we both enjoyed the stillness and darkness of that hour.

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