Friday, July 17, 2009

Weight Management And Healthy Eating Resources of Long Island


I am proud to announce that the Weight Management And Healthy Resources of Long Island has been launched!!!

We are an independent group of professionals dedicated to healthy eating, weight management, and a healthy lifestyle. Our group of practitioners provide various services to "help you find the missing peace."

We are:

Victor J. Goldman, LCSW-R---Compulsive eating Support Group

Terry Nathanson, LCSW-R---Psychotherapist/ Eating Coach

Jennifer Hoang, L. Ac.---Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine

Rachel Siegel-Joffe, LCSW---Life Coach/Personal Trainer

Dr.Jennifer Serrentino, M.D.---Psychiatrist

Roseanne Nenninger, N.D.---Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Crew Lauterbach, Ph.D., LCSW-R, M.-C.Ht., L-MFT, SPN---Psychotherapist/Master Fitness Trainer/Master Clinical Hypnotherapist/Sports Nutritionist/Certified Wellness Professional

Our team assists individuals, couples, and families who wish to:

*Change unhealthy eating styles
*Curb emotional eating
*Increase their physical activity
*Feel in control of their body weight
*Develop positive self image

*Eat when physically hungry and to stop when full
*Achieve realistic goals for weight management
*Address anxiety and depression that may be impacting eating patterns, body-image, and weight
*Enjoy a healthy relationship with food
*Cultivate high quality well-being

Contact me directly for additional information. 880-2531

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