Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SEDONA (Ahhhhhhh.....)

My dear friend of over 26 years, Camine, also known affectionately as Waz, purchased a time share in Sedona, Arizona many years ago. Always and forever he and his wonderful wife, JoAnn, another beloved friend, have been asking us to go away with them to Sedona for a week. For a number of reasons, we hadn't gone. Finally, this past October we flew out to Phoenix and drove the 2 hours up to Sedona with them. We arrived at night so it was difficult to see exactly where we were when we arrived. We just knew we were all as hungry as hell and ate pizza under heat lamps outside at a place called Picasso's Pizza. We then immediately went to bed.

Waking up the next morning I knew I needed my Starbucks so Waz and I went there while Mike and JoAnn stayed at the condo. The Starbucks overlooked what was possibly the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Huge red rocks dotted the landscape and the air was clean and clear. I had never breathed so easily. I immediately felt a sense of wellness and connection to this beautiful place in the world.

The week was full of wonderful experiences I'll never forget. Hiking up into the red rocks of Sedona and viewing the vistas from atop the rocks was amazing. I certainly felt a deep knowledge of my place in this world. The connection to the land was so apparent and I knew this was a special place for me. Somehow, I could think more clearly and things came together for me in a unique way.

Michael and I loved this place so much we purchased a time share there in Sedona at the Arroyo Roble resort. We can't wait to return to this second home we have.

If you ever get the chance to go to Sedona I would highly encourage you to do so. I don't think there is any place quite like it in the world. Perhaps this is why it has been voted the most beautiful place in America. There is something very deeply spiritual here. Perhaps it is the 4 vortexes in the town or maybe just the combination of the breathtaking red rocks, Native American spirituality and the natural beauty all around you. We look forward to our return next year for our centering once again.

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