Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Honestly, a legitimate complaint

Okay. I love blogging. Michael says I love it because this way I can speak and not be interrupted. Well, please let me know if this complaint is something that drives you as crazy as it does me. Those of you that have followed this blog can attest to the fact that it has been positive and upbeat. Well, finally, I am going to complain about something that drives me crazy. Please let me know if this has been the same for any of you.

I can't stand the new ATM machines at my bank. I bank at the Bank of America. In my practice, I mostly receive checks as payments for my services. In any week I may have 25-30 checks to be deposited into my business account. For years, I would go through the 24 hour drive through and quickly deposit these checks. It would take me 2 minutes and I did it on my way to the gym at 5am (I know, strange...another story). NOW, they have installed these new machines which each check has to be scanned individually and then put into my account. This is the way it goes. You put your card in, and then it eventually asks for you to put the check in a sliding electronic slot. Then it shows a visual copy of the check on the screen and you have to OK it for deposit. I would say that half the time it cannot read the person's handwriting and asks you to manually put the check amount in. Then, it processes EACH check this way. It takes at least 15 seconds between each check. It then, finally, asks you if you want to continue. Are you kidding me? Each and every time it asks. Each and every time! A process that used to take me 2 minutes now takes me 20 minutes a week. What makes it worse, for me, is that there are signs telling me how much more convenient this is for me. NO. This is more convenient for YOU there at the bank, not me. I am now doing your teller's work. Do you think I don't realize this? Please don't pee on my foot and then tell me it's raining!

One time I had to make my deposit in the morning during banking hours. I had 34 checks to deposit. It took me a long time and a woman was making all kinds of huffing sounds and sighs waiting for me to finish. I told her I was sorry and that I had a lot of checks to deposit. She told me I was selfish and rude for monopolizing the one machine they had for so long. I told her that this machine is slow. She asked me how long it would be and I told her I was moving as quickly as the machine would allow me to go! She continued to make sounds behind me the entire time I was standing at the machine.

Anyway, I feel better just venting about this. It certainly gives me an opportunity each and every week to practice patience and mindfulness. LOL. We all have our issues, right? Welcome to my mind.!!

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