Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Overdoing it on Thanksgiving (and other situations)

So, it's Thanksgiving eve and I was at the gym very early this morning. There were a bunch of people training there like me(The Breakfast Club we call ourselves). One guy said, " oh I hope I don't eat too much tomorrow". It immediately provided a flashback to me of a time in my life when I would worry about the same thing as well. Then, I remembered a time in my life when I would go out on a weekend evening to a club or somewhere(the single days, mind you), and drink too much and feel awful afterwards.I think most of us can remember those days, perhaps.

I now see that it's ALWAYS about balance and mindfulness.We can enjoy our holiday dinner and have dessert and really listen to our bodies telling us it's time to stop. It's the same with drinking alcohol, I think. We can have a drink or two over a few hours, feel a sense of relaxation and ease, and then know it's time to stop. The old days of overindulging, for me, are long gone. And, there is no reason why the old days of overindulging with food can't be gone as well. (or anything else we are out of balance with).

I love doing hypnotherapy.. One of the most enjoyable things for me is to be able to help people break destructive habitual behaviors by the use of deep relaxation followed by the use of a timely metaphorical story. One of my favorite uses of metaphor is of how a shoe fits well when we are younger, but as we grow this shoe becomes a source of DIScomfort as it NO LONGER FITS the way we are NOW. Again speaking metaphorically, overindulging in food or alcohol just NO LONGER FITS with the way I live my life now.

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