Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great book: The Art of Racing In the Rain

I just finished reading this wonderful book that happened to be the book of the month at Starbucks. (Yes, I know it's where I am a lot of the time). The story is of a man and his dog, named Enzo, and their beautiful and warm relationship through joys and tragedy. The story is certainly a tear jerker, but filled with compassion and exuberance. The writer of the story is actually Enzo the dog!

I think this is a wonderful book and I'm sure one day we will see this as a movie. It is told from a modern day Buddhist perspective and contains very deep and moving themes. Don't miss this one. It is well worth the read. See if you can put this book down. The author is actually Garth Stein.

I was drawn to this book immediately when I was waiting on line to get my daily grande Pike's Place Market brew. The picture on the front of the book is of a beautiful Yellow Lab. I have learned that when something is stirring in me I follow this intuition. I am so glad I did.

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