Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kidney Stones

Prone to kidney stones? A poor diet could be to blame. Limit your intake of salt, meat and soda, and drink plenty of water.
If you’ve had kidney stones in the past, you know that, while not life-threatening, they are definitely no walk in the park. And you’d probably do anything to avoid that kind of pain again. People who have had kidney stones in the past are likely to get them again. You may be able to reduce your risk of kidney stones by following a healthy diet.

Kidney stones are linked to higher rates of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other risk factors for heart disease. A large study found that people who followed the most heart-healthy diet were 40 percent less likely to get kidney stones. A heart-healthy diet is one that’s high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, low-fat dairy and whole grains — and low in sodium, sweetened beverages, and red and processed meats. In addition, drinking plenty of water throughout the day can also help lower your risk.

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