Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Through Divorce

How to get through a tough divorce: Practice self-compassion. Allow yourself to feel without judging your situation or your emotions.
Divorce can be difficult for everyone. But why do some people bounce back while others fall into despair? According to a study in the journal Psychological Science, it may come down to how much compassion you have for yourself. People who are kind to themselves tend to weather tough times better. If that doesn’t come easily to you, here are some tips on how to cultivate compassion.

Try not to judge your situation. Instead, remember that divorce is something that half of all married couples go through. Thinking of your loss as part of the human experience can help take away feelings of isolation. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling sad, jealous, angry or depressed. Getting angry at yourself for feeling a certain way can trap you in a cycle of despair.
Practice mindfulness meditation to learn how to feel emotions without judging them — so you can release them and move on.

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Divorce Blogger said...

It is imperative that people that are going through a divorce forgive themselves. I have seen far too many individuals blame themselves for their divorce and it severely hinders their recovery.