Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Importance of Exercise

Think exercise isn’t worth it if you’ve got only five minutes? Just 15 minutes of activity a day cuts the risk of death by 14 percent.
Research published in The Lancet shows that 15 minutes of physical activity a day decreases the risk of death by 14 percent and boosts life expectancy by three years. If you can find five minutes three times a day to lace up your walking shoes, you can reap those benefits.

As you’ve likely noticed, showing up is often the hardest part of starting an exercise routine. When you don’t have the motivation to work out, make yourself do it anyway by telling yourself you can quit after five minutes. Once you’re out walking, five minutes can easily turn into 10 or 15. Do that twice and you’ve logged your 30 minutes of activity for the day. How easy is that?

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