Thursday, January 5, 2012

Workout Balance

We’ve all done it: decided that today is the day we’re going to get in shape. And instead of starting out slowly and finding a sustainable and enjoyable activity, we plunge headfirst into a masochistic workout that leaves us limping for days. And then we wonder why our resolution didn’t stick. Trendy, hard-core workouts that claim to eviscerate fat in 10 days are not the best way to start a fitness routine.

According to Paul VanWiechen, director of exercise physiology at Cleveland Clinic Canada, the pain you feel during no-holds-barred workouts isn’t a sign that you’re getting fitter — it’s your body telling you you’re doing too much at a level you won’t be able to sustain. Binge workouts, he says, are about as good for you as starvation diets. If you really want to get in shape this year, choose an activity that you can do most days of the week, and make sure it’s something you enjoy.

Remember: The workout you’ll see the most results with is the one that you stick with the longest.

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