Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fat Cells=More Damage

Lose weight to fight gum disease. New research suggests fat cells, which trigger inflammation, can hamper the treatment of gingivitis.
Maintain a healthy body weight to keep gum disease at bay. Research shows obesity and periodontal disease go hand in hand. According to researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, the human body is better at fighting gum disease when fat cells, which trigger inflammation, disappear. Inflammation from gum disease can erode bone and cause tooth loss. It can also cause deterioration of the gums where harmful mouth bacteria can enter the bloodstream.

Such germs have been linked to complications including heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. That’s why good oral hygiene isn’t just important for a killer smile — it’s vital for full-body health as well. In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, take care of yourself by keeping your weight down and eating a healthy Mediterranean diet, both of which can help keep body-wide inflammation down.

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