Friday, March 11, 2011

Refined Carbohydrates

Without fat or fiber to slow them down, refined carbohydrates fuel the appetite. Keep hunger in check by sticking with whole grains.

Eating a bagel with fat-free cream cheese for breakfast? It’s about as good for your waistline as a doughnut. Both of these foods fuel the appetite like gasoline feeds a fire. Downing refined carbohydrates is like mainlining sugar — you get a blood-sugar spike and then a precipitous drop, which leads to rebound hunger. The result? You reach for another sugary goodie to stave off fatigue, irritability and gnawing hunger pangs.

Keep your cravings in check by cutting out high-sugar snacks and refined carbohydrates, like white rice, sorbet, cookies and crackers. Or, eat small amounts, like half of a bagel or one cup of pasta, with high-quality protein or fiber to slow it down in your system.

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