Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Mind-Body Connection

Headaches, back pain and insomnia can all be signs of anxiety or stress. Regular meditation, yoga or exercise can help you feel better. Are you taking care of your emotional health? When we neglect our feelings, we often feel it in our body, in the form of an upset stomach, body aches, exhaustion or heart palpitations. When we’re embarrassed, we might blush; when we’re angry, we grow tense or feel our heart pound. These are examples of the mind-body connection. Holding on to negative emotions can take a toll on our health. Depression, long-term stress and anxiety can all wear us down and compromise our immune system, making us susceptible to colds and other infections. If we’re tense, we clench our muscles, often without even realizing it. This can lead to back, shoulder or neck pain. It’s important to cope with our emotions in healthy ways. Exercise, deep breathing, meditation, yoga and other mind-body workouts can help fortify our emotional well-being and reduce our body’s reaction to stress. Choose an activity you enjoy, and make time for it every day.

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