Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Meditation

Breathe gently and easily into your belly.
Let yourself rest after the out breath until your body is ready to take another in breath, then ride the breath all the way in and out.
Tune in to some place in your body that is calling, and when breath comes breathe into that place.
On the out breath let go in that place, just release as you breathe out.
Pause again after each out breath until your body is ready to breathe again, then breathe into any place that needs attention.
Continue for two minutes.
Focus on a warm glow in your chest.
Let your awareness rest gently on the warm glow and keep returning to it.
Nurture and be with the warm glow until you feel it more prominently.
Close your eyes and get in touch with your own source of light.
Be with that and appreciate yourself for being your own source of love and light.

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