Monday, August 6, 2012


Hankering for red meat? Try bison burgers.
The lean and extra-lean varieties have fewer calories and less saturated fat than chicken or salmon. Beef, by comparison, can have up to seven times more saturated fat than bison. Even though bison is lower in fat, it still boasts higher amounts of protein, iron and zinc than beef per serving. Because bison is so low in fat, it should be cooked slowly over low heat to avoid toughness and served rare to medium, since well-done bison can be dry.
 If cooking for long periods of time, you can keep it juicy and tender by marinating it beforehand and basting it often. Not sure where to get bison? If supermarkets or natural food chains in your area don’t stock it, you can buy bison products from several online retailers. Bison meat can be pricey — $8 to $10 per pound — so, like all red meat, consider it a special-occasion treat.

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