Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Now

''There is only the moment. The now. Only what you are experiencing at this second is real.This does not mean you live for the moment. It means you live in the moment.''

Leo Buscaglia

Most of us fail to realize the tremendous potential that lies before us in each moment of our lives. Every moment of every day, we face the opportunity to start over completely, to modify the way that we see the world, to change the ways that we react to certain stimuli. Our lives are ours to fashion, and we do so through the ways that we approach our days and our circumstances, through the ways that we act and react, and through the ways that we treat others and ourselves.
One of the most important goals that we can have as people is to learn to recognize the things that cause us unhappiness, stress, anxiety, and negative feelings, and then to act in ways that will keep those things from being the dominant elements of our lives--or perhaps even to banish them from our lives altogether.

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