Thursday, February 3, 2011


“Concern yourself not with what is right and what is wrong but with what is important.”

Sometimes we get so caught up trying to assign blame to people that we lose track of what really matters. I suspect we do this because it’s a lot easier to make someone else responsible for our feelings than it is to focus on what our feelings are telling us.
Instead of acknowledging we need to find the strength to confront someone, we dwell on the bad decisions they made.
Instead of accepting that we need to make a major change in our professional lives, we get caught up in all the opportunities we didn’t get or all the obstacles we have to face.
Blame absolves us from creating forward momentum because in that moment, what seems relevant is someone else's past decisions, not our choices in the present. But that’s where our power lies: in what we choose to do from moment to moment.

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