Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Wish You Patience

I wish you patience. I hope that you are able to wait for things and people around you, and not try to hurry life or hurry people to do things according to your wishes and not theirs. Many things in life take time to develop if they're going to be as valuable as they can be, and it's up to us to wait for them.
How many times have we all lost out on great opportunities because we jumped too soon, thinking that we would lose out if we waited for something to happen? I wish you the patience that comes of peace of mind, the ability to recognize when it's better to wait than to leap, better to bide your time than to hurry.
I wish you patience with other people and their mistakes and problems, and I wish you the realization that we all learn different lessons at different paces, and we cannot expect everyone to advance at the same speeds as each other. Be patient with the people who show immaturity, ignorance, intolerance, even prejudice, for these behaviors merely show where the people are at this moment.

I wish these same things for myself and intend to practice patience until I am an expert.

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