Friday, June 11, 2010

Tao Translation In Modern Words--#66

People with integrity don't even think about it.
That's how you can tell they have integrity.
Other people talk about how much integrity they have,
when they really don't have much. If any.

Truly powerful people don't do anything,
but they get the job done.
Other people are always busy doing something,
but nothing ever gets done.

When kind people act,
they do so without thinking about it.
When the just act,
they're always sure they're doing the right thing.

But when the righteous act,
and nobody reacts,
they try to force everyone to do things their way.

If you're not in touch with Tao,
at least you can still have integrity.
If you don't have integrity,
there's always kindness.
If you don't have kindness,
there's always justice.
If you don't have justice,
all you have left is righteousness.

Righteousness is a pale imitation of true faith and loyalty,
and always leads to trouble.
If you've already made up your mind,
you don't know the first thing about Tao,
and you never will.

The Masters pay attention to what's beneath the surface.
They'll look at a tree's leaves, but eat the fruit.
They turn all that down, so they can accept this.

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