Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Losing Inches For the Summer Season

Lose Inches for the Summer Season

If you've been enjoying a cozy winter, and are concerned about losing a few inches before it's time to don your bathing suit once again, don't worry, you still have time! Working out to lose inches requires knowledge about how the body works.

Many people get frustrated when their workouts result in bulking rather than slimming, so follow the following steps to make sure you are targeting your workouts to find a sleeker, slimmer figure in time for summer.

1. Workout to burn calories. Do aerobic exercises that burn off more calories than you have consumed, to help the body burn off fat. Within a workout, try alternating between aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

2. Strength train for endurance, not muscle mass. Simply put, do more reps with lighter weights. You can also do more exercises that utilize your own body weight for resistance instead of machine exercises designed to increase muscular bulk.

3. Change Your Diet. Cut out junk food, processed foods, and high fat foods. Eat more whole foods and drink plenty of water.

4. Think Sustainable. Make dietary changes and adapt workouts that you can continue over time, unless you plan on gaining the weight back after swimsuit season.

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