Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Self Meditation 111

Meditate on any hindrance (irritation/aversion, craving/desire, sleepiness, restlessness, doubt) that arises in your practice; see it arise, observe its features, soften and receive it, let it go.

The more you practice the three trainings of ethics, meditation, and wisdom, the more difficult it will become for you to act in a way that is contrary to an ethical, compassionate attitude.

When you are angry, do not be centered on the person who has aroused it.
Let him or her be on the periphery.
Become the anger and allow it to happen within.
Do not rationalize.
Do not say that the other person has created it.
Feel the wound and be grateful to the other person for helping you recognize this.
Your awareness will let you become the emotion.
You will be relieved of it through this awareness.

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