Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Feasts

Wondering why your scale steadily creeps up year after year? Blame the end-of-year holiday feasts. Whether it’s two pounds or 10, the weight you gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s stays with you even after the holidays are gone.
Research shows that most people gain only a couple of pounds during the annual holiday festivities, but instead of shedding it come the New Year, people hold on to it forever. That’s why keeping the pounds off during the holiday season is key to maintaining a healthy weight and your fabulous figure.
Liquid calories can creep up on you quickly, because they won’t fill you up, like food will. Skip the appetizers altogether, unless there are healthy treats like shrimp or crudités that you can eat without overloading on calories. To avoid temptation, don’t show up hungry, and keep yourself busy and away from the snacks, by helping out your hosts.

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