Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

Think you’ll save calories by skipping breakfast on Thanksgiving? Guess again. You’ll be more likely to binge if you haven’t eaten.

Instead of bypassing breakfast on Thanksgiving Day, eat a small, sensible meal that will keep you satisfied until the Thanksgiving feast. Good breakfast options include a bowl of whole-grain cereal with fruit and milk, a slice of peanut butter toast, or an egg and toast – using 100 percent whole-grain bread, of course. You’ll have less control over your appetite, and be more likely to grab the first appetizer in sight, if you’re starving.

Another way to keep your grazing in check: take one or two hors d'oeuvres and step away from the table. You can also offer to help with the prep work – keeping your hands busy gives you less time to snack before dinner.

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Christopher Dos Santos said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, family, friends a warm fire and a bottle of good wine. Remember to give an extra little thanks if you don't get groped by the TSA on your way to visiting mom.

Namaste, my brother, peace and love...