Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attracting Negative Energy

The act of forgiveness is a necessary and truly transformational process. You must be willing to forgive any person or situation that has caused you pain, and release them.
By hanging on to old negative thoughts and emotions you are only harming yourself and attracting even more negative energy.

It's been said that when you are unwilling to forgive someone it's like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to get sick! So, just bless the person or the situation and wish them well. Forgive them, let them go, and be willing to forgive yourself as well, if need be.

By acknowledging your positive past and releasing your negative past -you can make room for a beautiful future.

True forgiveness is extremely cathartic - it will cleanse you and set you free. It is an incredibly powerful process , one that will immediately shift you from a place of pain and anger to a higher vibrational frequency of love.

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Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste, my dear brother. Forgive if you must, but there is a better way. I do not believe in forgiveness as understood by the masses. In many ways forgiveness becomes a crutch for the promulgation of judgment. The master will instruct the seeker to see only ONE being. When we accept our brothers as reflections of ourselves then we are much more apt to comprehend there are limited levels of truth each soul may grasp. By placing judgment on the acts of others we deny their right to be ignorant. Judgment, in turn forgiveness, is a cycle of self abuse. Moreover it is abusive and disrespectful both to the judge and the one being judged.

Looking closely at this cycle we see disharmony, resistance, ignorance and fear. The entire process is dis empowering to the unity of mankind. It weakens us because we allow the ego self to direct reality in place of the Godself. We believe in body when we should believe in consciousness. Spun into this web of deceit ego has us believe in time, space, separation, right/wrong, good/bad, death and birth. How do we transcend these illusions? >>> We observe ourselves, Ha Ha Ha, I see you monkey let us dance so that I may discover truth.

The reason for judgment and forgiveness is due to this grasp ego has on illusion. We see many when there is ONE. We see an affront to our senses when we should see a call to enlighten a lost soul.

The next time you feel the need to forgive, ask yourself why you have judged. Look to your heart and find all that is not love, this is where the ego lives, this is where illusion guides the lost soul.

The solution is far from simple, it requires the individual to look deep within for hidden insights. Cast not the first stone for you may find your home is made of glass. Always remember the ego sees 6.8 billion souls, the Godself sees only ONE.

We are not body, scientifically and spiritually this truth is known. We are Godself consciousness eternally dancing the the powerful moment of the NOW. I hope this is not seen as an affront to your obviously wonderful skills as mentor. In love I share my views. With respect I suggest another path, I love you all.

In Lak' esh, my brothers, here comes the judge, who through ignorance sins against himself by seeing purity in the act of forgiveness...