Monday, April 7, 2014


What exactly is a habit? It is a perpetual loop of either behaviors or thought patterns that are difficult to change or halt. They seem to come automatically. Yes, they are difficult to break.
Psychologists actually know how long it takes t
o break the “habit energy” of a particular habit. Generally, one can break a habit in 15-25 days. Yes, that is correct. This is often why rehabilitation programs tend to continue for 28 days. It is believed that the behavioral changes need to be shaped and continued just beyond the threshold of the habit energy cycle.
What is also quite fascinating is that the same 15-25 day interim is also required to initiate a new and beneficial habit pattern. So, one can actually collapse a negative habit while simultaneously developing a new and beneficial habit!

For example, one can collapse a pattern of unhealthy eating while simultaneously developing new habits of both eating healthy as well as going to the gym five days a week.
Or, we are capable of becoming aware of punitive and destructive thoughts while simultaneously learning to develop the habit of speaking to ourselves with kindness and support.
Too many people allow themselves to be tricked into thinking that they are powerless to change or to alter these habit patterns and feel that they cannot change. This is simply not true. These people use language such as “can’t”. This is the language of a person who believes that they cannot grow beyond a particular habit. It is clear to me that their intention is not to engage in the actual collapsing of the habit by the way they speak about it. I am not stating collapsing a habit is easy. I am stating, however, that it is possible. It takes a diligent effort, mindfulness and an intention of commitment to this goal.

Dr. Crewson Andrew Martin/PhD

EXCERPT: "A Prescription For Contentment"
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