Wednesday, April 23, 2014


All relationships will eventually come to an end. Some by death and others by the mere fact that they often come to a very natural and organic conclusion. We have all experienced a relationship that simply runs its course. It ends due to one or both of the members changing in a manner that is not conducive to the relationship continuing. It does not really matter why it happens. We have to accept its natural ending. It does not necessarily mean that something went “wrong” in the relationship.
People change.

 We change in the way we see life. We change in the way we see ourselves. We change in what we need and desire in our lives. Sometimes, we need to change the people in our lives as well. I often find in my practice that people will “hold back” in their relationships with others due to the fear of losing them and the pain they anticipate due to its ending. I feel such empathy for them. They live in constant fear of the ending of these relationships. They fear to allow themselves to be vulnerable thinking that they are somehow protecting themselves from this pain. They are trying to escape the inevitable. I truly believe it is usually because they have not come to an understanding of the ending of all relationships. Due to their fear of being vulnerable, they deny themselves the full experience of their relationships.

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