Monday, May 9, 2011


Think you’ll ace that test? Turns out, we’re not good at predicting how well we remember something. So keep on studying.
When preparing for a big presentation or test, it doesn’t pay to be cocky. The reason: People are not very good at predicting how well they remember something.

If it’s easy to learn, for instance, we assume it’s easy to recall — and that isn’t always the case. Being in a positive mood when we’re studying can also make us think we know the material much better than we do. So even if you think you’re going to ace a test, it doesn’t mean you will. The best way to learn something is through repetition. The more times you review the material, the more ingrained it becomes.

While it’s great to have confidence, don’t let it lull you into not studying. Believe in your ability to do well, and then study anyway.

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