Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cleaning Up The Past

It isn’t always easy to forgive others because of what they have done. The ego makes a very strong case against them. And it builds up all of the reasons why they were so awful and why we’re going to resent them forever.
Did you know your ego will ruin your life? And the world is filled with people who would rather be right than happy. Some will go to their grave clinging to the idea that they would rather be right than happy, at least in their own mind. Now is that what you want?
There’s a beautiful old saying that the only wealth is life. Sometimes it seems that only animals know we’re actually here to be happy. So let’s please think about releasing old baggage. Let’s let go of the past. And I know that sometimes people do things that seem terrible and totally unacceptable. There are some incredible things that go on in our society, cruelty and thoughtlessness, and I’m not suggesting it’s easy. I’m saying it’s necessary if we want to be happy and empowered people.

We clean up the past because an unfinished past leads to an unfinished future.

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