Monday, September 14, 2009

Metromint Water

As those of you who know me well realize, I have been trying to stay away from all artificial sugars. This has become somewhat problematic for me, as I am an avid water drinker. I drink so much water each day, especially on the days when I am doing my practice as I am speaking all day in the office.

I had been drinking water sweetened with Splenda and have now given up all artificial sweeteners. I then began drinking water "straight", but... I have found it not so tasty.

Michael and I were in Wild By Nature and I came across a product called Metromint. Metromint waters are not sweetened at all by ANY sweetener, artificial or otherwise. The natural spring water is flavored by fresh mint leaves! It is absolutely delicious!

Metromint waters can be found in the following natural mint flavors:

Orangemint (flavored with natural orange essence)
Cherrymint (flavored with natural cherry essence)
Lemonmint (flavored with natural lemon essence)

You will love the flavor and pureness of this wonderful product. I find the water brings me energy throughout the day as I see patients!

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