Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Danger of Energy Drinks

Hypertension, heart problems or diabetes? Avoid energy drinks, which can cause a surge in blood pressure and heart rate.

People with hypertension, heart issues or diabetes may want to steer clear of energy drinks.
 A new small study suggests that these high-octane beverages can cause a spike in blood pressure and heart rate, increasing the risk of arrhythmia, anxiety and insomnia. The study also suggests possible negative effects even for otherwise healthy people who swig these drinks habitually. While people without health issues can probably drink small amounts without a problem, those who consume large quantities, whether in a single sitting or throughout the day, are more likely to suffer unwanted side effects.
 According to the study, every volunteer who consumed a drink with 360 mg of caffeine developed anxiety, insomnia and cardiac arrhythmia with a rapid heartbeat. Past research has found that the blood pressure of healthy volunteers rose higher in those who drank Red Bull, containing 80 mg of caffeine, than in those who took 80 mg of caffeine alone. It’s the combination of ingredients in these so-called “energy” drinks, rather than caffeine itself, that causes temporary blood pressure elevation, arrhythmia and rapid heart rate.

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