Thursday, June 20, 2013

Present Moment

Everyone has regrets.  We've all said or done things we're not proud of, or that failed to get us the results we want.  But torturing yourself by rehashing those moments isn't going to put the past to rest any more than ignoring them would.
The only place you can change the past is in the present.
 By not focusing on the "story" of your life--the events themselves--but rather on how you interpret and shape those
events, you will start to see patterns emerging. Insight into the assumptions that have been running your life will tell you why things turn out in certain ways. The patterns and habits you've developed are powerful opportunities to bring mindfulness and awareness to the process of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

 Unlike age or eye color or family of origin, they're aspects of yourself you have the power to change, which could, in turn, change your life.
 When we choose not to respond as in the past, we create the possibility of a different future.

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