Friday, December 27, 2013


You are NOT your thoughts.
You are simply how you respond to them.

If one attempts to sit still and have "no thoughts" one will soon discover it is quite impossible. We all have thoughts all of the time. In fact, we cannot even escape them when we sleep as they will soon enter our dream-state. We cannot control our thoughts and the thoughts themselves are not us. If one is angry and one has a thought of killing another person does this make him a murderer? If one has a sexual thought towards another does this make him a rapist, adulterer or a fornicator? One is how they respond to their thoughts. The key is to notice any thought and then to choose how one will respond to it. One can feel angry and not BE angry. One can become aware of thoughts of vengeance, but choose to be compassionate.
We must make peace with our "shadow" thoughts, our dark side.

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