Thursday, August 8, 2013

Natural Endings

(RANDOM) Thursday Morning Thought:
I can recall how for so many years it would be so difficult for me when relationships ended.
So many thoughts about regrets, wishing things were different, etc.
I have come to see that ALL RELATIONSHIPS COME TO AN END.
Even if two people remain together in a loving relationship one of them will eventually die before the other.
For the surviving person this relationship has ended.
For the dead person life has ended.
My Husband and I are soon to be beginning our 18th year together. I have never been happier in a relationship in my entire life.
However, if it ever came to a time where we no longer were growing from our relationship or that I could no longer trust him I would end the marriage.
I have people in my life that have enjoyed a friendship with me for years and even some for decades.
But again, if these relationships come to a natural and organic end I have learned to accept that as well.
People who love me so much often see me as pessimist or as a non-romantic!
I don't believe that is true at all.
I see myself as a pragmatist and a realist.
I see no reason why I should keep certain people in my life because of the length of time I know them or some sort of bullshit obligation.
When they have proven to be abusive, jealous, angry, unkind and irresponsible for a length of time and it does not change it is time to let them go.
And, I am completely at peace with that decision.

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