Monday, October 31, 2011

Trans Fat and Depression

Switching to olive oil may help protect against the mental illness.
Is there anything more depressing than a diet loaded with trans fat and saturated fat? One study doesn’t think so. According to research in the journal PLoS ONE, people who eat the most trans fat and saturated fat have a 48 percent higher risk of suffering from depression, compared to people who steer clear of those fats. The more trans fat they consumed, the more likely they were to be depressed. People who consumed olive oil, on the other hand, had a much lower risk of depression. Of course, I feel it’s only responsible to point out that depressed people could just have a penchant for foods that contain saturated or trans fat. However, other recent studies have found that Mediterranean diets and fish oil are both linked to a reduced risk of depression. Regardless, choosing heart-healthy oils like fish, flaxseed, walnut and olive over butter, shortening and cream will certainly make your heart happier.

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