Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Word

I tend to value my relationship with another human being based upon the extent that I know that they will do what they tell me they are going to do. This is how I know I can trust them. I enjoy and appreciate those with whom I can be sure that they will do as they say and say as they do. I admire knowing that I need not be concerned about this aspect of my relationship with this particular person because they have a character of integrity and commitment to what they identify as their responsibility.
Really all we possess is our integrity and our honor. Many years ago, when I was a very young man I was being treated by a very wonderful therapist. He knew me well and told me that he found it very interesting and noteworthy that I always seemed to keep my promises to others, but found that I did not always follow through with promises I had made to myself. I came to the realization that he was correct and from that moment forward I made it my intention to never let myself down ever again.
I developed a strange, but effective habit of looking at my own face in the mirror each morning and made myself promises of what I would do for myself and what I would accomplish that day. I would look at myself directly in the eyes and promise what I would do for myself and what I would do for others. I made sure that the promises were reasonable and achievable. Then, once I made these promises to myself, I was not going to allow anything nor anyone to stop me. To this day, I continue this rather strange but effective habit. It works for me. Find out what works for you.
My effort is always to make sure that everyone that I come into contact with knows that I will always keep my word to them. I am very careful choosing what I agree to accept complete responsibility for and to as I know that my reputation and integrity is on the line. I have seen that many people tend to accept responsibility for something because they experience great difficulty saying “no” to someone. I want them to trust, without exception, that if I give them my word on something they can consider it done. That gift I provide to them is also a gift I provide for myself.

EXCERPT: from "A Prescription For Contentment".
Author: Dr. Crewson Andrew Martin/PhD
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