Monday, December 13, 2010

Energy Bars

Choose your energy bar wisely. Many of these so-called healthy snacks are essentially candy bars in disguise.

From their name, you might think energy bars are instant pick-me-ups, much like a cup of coffee, only more nutritious. But that’s just clever marketing. Calories are the body’s major source of fuel, so any food bar with calories, like a candy bar, can technically be considered an energy bar.

While some energy bars can be a great way to fuel up on the go, many are high in sugar and supply way more calories than you need in a snack. Keep in mind that bars that pack in more than 300 calories a pop are meant to be eaten in place of a meal.

For the healthiest option, look for less-processed bars that contain nuts, dried fruit and a combination of protein and fiber to keep you full longer. Or opt for whole food snacks, like celery and hummus or fresh fruit and cottage cheese.

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